Specialist Fire proof coatings – Norwich

Our firm doesn’t just paint decorative coatings. Here we are Spraying fire proof coatings onto the wensum lodge hotel. When correctly applied This specialist coating will protect the building and it’s residence from fire for over 60 minutes. It’s an expensive product and can only be used by specialists but we think it’s worth the cost considering it could potentially save lives

We apply BS1/0 fire coatings to interior and exterior timber
We apply BS1/0 fire coatings to interior and exterior timber

Advance knowledge and training is required to apply fire retardant coatings to achieve BS 1/0 certification. We are able to protect internal and external timber to BS 1/0 standard even when previous non retardant coatings have been applied. The coatings we use come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

More information on these fire retardant coatings can be found on our suppliers website https://www.rawlinspaints.com/fire-retardant-paints

Fire retardant coatings are expensive products, however our pricing for this specialist service is highly competitive.

At the end of each job we provide all clients with the relevant certification to prove that the correct coating has been applied.

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