A Brief Intro To the Team

We understand that it requires allot trust to welcome workers into your home, office or commercial premises. Not only are you trusting us to do a good job, you’re also entrusting us to respect your property.

At LDM Painter & Decorators we have a strict code when it comes to respecting clients and their property. But ultimately what counts is the fact that we only employ painters that are trustworthy and respect the key values that represent our family business.

We have developed this page to introduce you to our staff and highlight their skills

Lee – Managing Director & Founder

When I started my business I started out on my own. I built my business from the ground up starting with nothing. The only form of advertising I had was word of mouth. It was hard! but 8 years later I have five painters working alongside me. This means we now have to advertise heavily to provide work for us all. But having said that, we do still get a great deal of recommendations and returning customers. This accounts for about 60% of our work and tells me we must be doing something right!

I don’t think my skills and ability to do a good job alone is what aided me in building the business and reputation we have today. It goes without saying a good job must be done. But as well as doing a good job its important that customers find our staff likable. Appreciating our companies dedication and values. Its crucial that they feel comfortable with us working in their home. Furthermore, it’s important for us to ensure customers feel they can talk us. Helping them feel at ease in the event of them having any concerns relating to the work.

Being easy to talk to, helping customers feel at ease around you, and being prepared to go the extra mile to ensure each customer is happy; is what counts. Its what we stand for and its what all of my staff must adopt when representing my company.

Lee Money – Managing director and company founder

Here’s a good example about the whole ‘going that extra mile’ concept! As you can probably see in this photo I wasn’t having a great day at work, “but you gotta crack on and get the job done!!”.

It was a simple ceiling removal and replacement job. little did we know the cavity between the first and second floor was full of soot due to a historic chimney leak. My wife’s face was a picture when I got home!

Liam – Director , Painter & Carpenter

Liam was the first employed painter to join our team in 2014 and in 2016 he took on the role as Director.

Liams skills include Painting (obviously!), Problem solving and with his NVQ qualifications in both Engineering and Carpentry/Joinery he is a valuable asset when it comes to repairs to timber and other surfaces. Liam is a hard worker but is also quite chatty and sometimes need reminding that he is there to work!

Parsley – General tradesman

Parsley, nick named after a lion in a TV cartoon show from the late 60’s no longer responds to his birth given name! so if we want his attention we have to call him Parsley. Parsley mostly works for our Property Maintenance company LDM Home & Garden Services LTD

But when we have larger decorating jobs that require extra hands Parsley helps out with painting work. As you can see Parsley was also working when removing the soot infested ceiling!

Parsleys is a hard worker and likes to ‘get the job done’. He is good at finding solutions when there is a problem and is passionate about keeping the workplace tidy!

Shane – Team Leader & Professional Painter

Shane began working for our business in 2015 and in 2019 he undertook the role of being team leader. With City and Guilds qualifications in Painting and decorating and building maintenance he is one of our most skilled painters. Shane has been a full time painter since he left college and has a good level of experience to go alongside his qualifications. He takes his role as team leader very seriously and is now a vital component in maintaining our high level of quality on every job.

Dan – Professional Painter

Dan is a professional painter and has been working for us since 2019. He is the latest addition to our team and has turned out to be a valuable asset to our company. Dan is highly skilled when it comes to achieving a top quality finish on wood trims. Also as he towers above the rest of us at over 6ft tall hes quite handy when it comes to painting higher areas without a step ladder!

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