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5 Reasons why you should chose us to paint your home!

Hello all!
So here we are in 2019. Almost Seven years have passed since I embarked upon building my property maintenance business. It seems like only yesterday that my eldest son was born in 2012 and on the morning of that day I received a call from my employer. The reason for his call was to let me know I had been laid off! I remember the call well, I was fitting the new car seat in the car at the time when the phone rang. Whilst my boss was explaining to me that they were longer going to be needing me, my heart sunk. How was I to support my new little family with no job? I tried not to let it bother me too much, I got in the car and set off to the hospital to pick up my wife and new born child. To begin with life was hard, I decided that I never wanted to be employed again. From that point on I pledged to only work for my self. At the time I felt that I was the only person I will ever be able to rely on.

I started off doing odd little jobs for people. To begin with I was working for mostly family and friends. I couldn’t afford to advertise but I made up small flyers and dropped them off at peoples doors. I didn’t get much work doing this but I did receive a few calls. To begin with I was doing basic work because I actually had limited experience then. Besides that I had no tools! So I was cutting grass and cleaning windows. I wasn’t exactly in my element doing this type of work but at least I felt as though I was in control. If I didn’t have work I could only blame myself.

Then I found a job working for a builder as a self employed laborer. I helped him renovate a house as part of a private investment. Then I started to earn enough money to buy my own tools whilst also getting a huge amount of hands on experience. I was working for this builder on and off for another year after the house renovation was completed. Then I started taking on more complex carpentry and handyman work.

I then found a small part time job helping a retired Joiner who unfortunately had turned blind. For a year I was his eyes and hands. Whilst doing this little job I learnt allot. Although this gentleman was retired, he wanted to keep himself busy with little projects at home. He knew what he wanted to do and how to do it but he just couldn’t see what he was doing. So I visited him one day a week and helped him. The idea was for me to help him, but looking back I think I gained as much (or perhaps more) from the arrangement as he did. I was being paid to effectively have one to one hands on tuition and he felt like he was still able to do his projects so it worked well for both of us.

During this period I didn’t have a great deal off support. Friends and family (with the exception of my closest friend Hedley and my wife Emma) felt my business venture was a wasted cause. “why dont you get a proper job?” I was asked. But I knew it would be worth it in the end. I wasn’t making much if any money at the time. But that was partly because I was spending any money I could on new tools so I could take on more types of work.

Eventually I was able to earn enough money to advertise on Google. From this point on I was taking in enough work to keep myself busy and make a profit. Then I got so busy I had to take on extra hands, this is where Liam came in. He had lost his job and I was overrun with work so it made sense for him to help out. He already had qualifications in carpentry and building maintenance so we worked together as a team for a year. We then found ourselves doing allot of painting and decorating work and had more work coming in than we could handle. This is when Shane sent an email explaining how he had just left college and was looking for work. Having completed his city and guilds in Painting and Decorating he seemend like an ideal candidate. So we took him on to help with the workload.

Since then we have moved forward in leaps and bounds. Liam and Shane have now been working together as a team for just over 3 years. We have enough happy customers returning and recommending us to keep us all busy. We no longer need to advertise as heavily as we used to. From starting out cleaning windows and cutting grass I never imagined ending up with my own little empire with staff working with me.

So here I am in February 19. We have had a very busy year so we decided to have a short break. I’m here in Lazarote with my family by the pool. Somehow I ended up bringing Liam and Shane with me aswell! But that’s how close we all are, and I think Its part of the reason we work so well together. Their not just employees or colleges, we are like a family.

So whist sipping on Sangria by the pool I got thinking. Why is it we are doing so well as a business? Perhaps if I can highlight 5 reasons why customers keep coming to us for work and returning for more, I’ll have a better idea about what we are getting right. People spent too much time worrying about what their bad at. I do this allot and its helpful, It helps us refine ourselves and our creations. But i think its also helpful to look at your self and your creations in a positive way. By highlighting 5 quality’s in your self or your creation (in this case its my business) you can identify your strengths and underpin them. Build upon them, keep your self calibrated and on track to further success.

So, here you are, I thought Id share them with you!

5 reasons why Customers Might chose LDM Painters & Decorators to Paint their Home

  1. We Have a Great Reputation

    Anyone can start a business overnight. But building that business into an entity that is founded upon a solid reputation takes time, effort and integrity. We are proud of our reputation and will do anything to uphold it. This includes ensuring all customers are happy with our work and always remedying rare minor issues. We present all of our customers with a feedback form on completion so we can monitor our performance and improve it wherever we can.

    To support this, evidence of our good reputation can be found all over the internet. You can view many of our reviews accross the following platforms: Google,, Facebook,,

    People often underestimate the credibility of online reviews. But we have no control over them, it is easy for customers to leave feedback across the above platforms regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative. If customers were in anyway dissatisfied by our service and we refused to remedy their concerns I’m quite certain someone would have left a negative review somewhere in the internet. But in the past 6 years of trading none of our customers have ever had anything negative to say about us online. If they did, it would be virtually impossible for us to remove it as once something is on the internet it is their forever!

    To conclude, our squeaky clean online profile is a testament of our efforts to create, maintain and uphold reputable local business. We believe this quality alone is a good enough reason to use our services.

  2. All Domestic Painting & Decorating work comes with a 2 YEAR Warranty

    We trust our workmanship, we expect it to stand the test of time, and if for any reason it doesn’t we will come back and put it right.

    This element is more important than ever these days. Especially in regards to painting and decorating services. We hear all to often about painters (or more specifically handymen taking on painting services) are failing to carry our the necessary preparation work. This is resulting in painted surfaces peeling and flaking off usually because water based paints have been used without sanding the surfaces before hand. But that’s a whole different topic! We are often having to carry out additional perpetration work to stip back previous coats of paint that were applied to unprepared surfaces.

    We have always trusted our services and we know ourselves that our work is of high quality. But our new customers dont know this and haven’t experienced our work first hand. So that is why we have introduced our 2 year workmanship warranty. This gives our clients peace of mind in the knowledge that we are honorable tradesmen that care about the quality of their work.

  3. We are fully accredited by multiple associations

    Being members of and the PDA (painting and decorating accosiation) doesn’t really offer our customers any real benefits. But it does give peace of mind, since becoming an affiliated member of these associations requires a business to prove they meet their high vetting standards. In order to become a member and retain their backing, businesses must provide references from previous clients that reflect the high standards of the business. They must also prove that they are fully insured and they are qualified in their field. Working hard and providing the best service that we can offer has enabled us to achieve these accreditation’s and we will always do our best to keep them. Since it only takes one phone call reflecting negative feedback to lose one of these accreditation’s we will always go the extra mile in order to protect them.

  4. We are fully qualified

    Both Liam and Shane (our main Painters) are highly qualified In their fields. Liam has both BTECH Doploma and an NVQ While Shane has a City and Guilds in Painting and Decorating and Building Maintenance.

    Their qualifications combined with experience working in the field together makes them a highly efficient team. They dont just get the job done quickly, the are also able to do this whilst maintaining a high level of quality. Our customers are always shocked by the speed of their work, and more so by how they are able to work so efficiently whilst maintaining our high standard of quality. Which leads us to reason five…

  5. We get the job done… Quickly and to the highest of standards

    Whether we are working for domestic clients or commercial, there are always two important factors we feel must be seen in our work. Firstly its quality, of course this is an obvious one. The results must be professional and must stand the test of time. The next crucial factor is speed. Yes we all want quality, why else would you pay a professional to do the work? Or maybe you just dont want to do it yourself because you have better things to do. But even if this is the case you still want to see quality work. But you also want to see the work completed as soon as possible. Whether your running a shop, a landlord or a homeowner you dont want painters getting in way for longer than necessary. But combining speed with quality is not easy. The fact that we have a minimum of two painters on each job obviously speeds things up, with two painters we will complete jobs in half the time compared to one painter working on his own. But also being experienced as a team improves efficiency further. By working as a team our painters specialize in certain areas that they enjoy and excel at. For example Liam hates painting ceilings (most painters do!) but Shane doesn’t mind doing it, Shane on the other hand doesn’t like sanding but Liam finds it therapeutic. There are other jobs that neither of them enjoy so they take these jobs in turn. Working like this makes for two happy painters and a happy painter will always work better than a painter that is forced to do work they dont enjoy. Of course we all have to do work we don’t enjoy from time to time. But by working as a team we have a much more diverse range of skills and interests on the job and I believe this factor is a crucial key to our success.

Well if you’ve got this far then congratulations! I think I got a bit carried away with this post.

We welcome any comments that you may wish to leave in the comments section below. Perhaps you’ve had us do work for us before? If so I would appreciate your feedback.

Or perhaps I have missed something out? Is there another quality that you look for in a business that is not listed above? We are always looking to improve our performance as a business so your feedback is very important.

Thanks for Reading!

Quality spray painting services
Quality spray painting services

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