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Welcome to our online instant online quote calculator

Please understand that we are in the early experimental stages with developing this tool so its not perfect! But we are trying to improve it as we go and hope it will be of use to you. If you do have any suggestions as to how we can improve the tool please do get in touch with your feedback.

To use the tool you will need to take a few measurements of the room or rooms that you wish to have decorated. The calculator uses the size of the rooms in square meters (square meters refers to the the floor size not the walls to be painted).

To calculate the size of your room in square meters (M2) you need to measure the length and width of your room and multiply the width by the length. If your room is an irregular size you may find this thrid party calculator helpful in calculating the overall room size Room Size Calculator

Once you have the total square meters of your room you can use the calculator below to compute the estimated costs of decorating. If you have multiple rooms to be painted simply add the M2 of each room together to provide a total M2 and use this figure.

Set each slider to the amount in M2 based on your calculations. If for instance you do not wish to have ceilings for example pained, leave this slider set to zero. The same would apply if you did not require woodwork being painted. Once you have entered all the necessary information the calculator will email you your unique estimate.

Our calculator takes in to account all basic preparation and includes all materials required to carry out the work. It does not account for specialist preparation such as patch plastering and re plastering. So we do advice on having a site visit to get an more accurate quote. However our quote calculator can be very useful when wanting to obtain a “ball park” figure for budgeting.

Once you have adjusted the relevant sliders to your requirements simply click submit quote where you will then be required to enter your name and email address. Once you have done this you will be able to click the download quote tab to download in PDF format.

Please use the sliders below to select your preferred
wall finish and set the slider to your Total room size.
Please use the following slider to set the size of your room
in order to calculate the cost to paint the ceiling.
If you do not require the ceiling to be painted please set the
slider to zero.
Wood Trim
Please set the toggle to the desired room size to
calculate the cost to paint woodwork.
If you do not require woodwork being painted
please leave the toggle slider set to zero.
This section includes only skirting, door frames and architrave.
If you require any other types of woodwork painted
please contact us for further advice.
Please choose the type and quantity of doors you would like painted.
If you do not require doors to be painted please select zero.
Please note that the quantity is set per side,
if you require both sides of a door painting
please multiply the number of doors by two.