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Experienced Exterior Painters

Here at LDM Home Painters and Decorators we deliver a wide range of Painting and Decorating Services. One of the types of services we provide is Exterior painting. But this is just one of the many types of painting services we can provide.

Highly Skilled Team

Our Painters are highly skilled and experienced in the field of Exterior Painting. Experience and versatile skill-sets are needed in this field due to the extreme changes in annual climate that external surfaces are subjected to.

We can carry out all types of repairs

Patch repairs and general prep is always required when painting internal surfaces. However, they tend to be subjected to knocks and scuffs which can easily be repaired with lightweight fillers or by carrying out patchwork plastering repairs. When it comes to External Painting and decorating the outdoor elements take their toll on painted surfaces. Not only can surfaces be subjected to physical wear but they will also be continuously expanding, shrinking. As temperature and humidity changes from day to day and season to season; painted or stained surfaces are constantly shrinking and contracting. As the painted surface ages it becomes harder, eventually to the point where it becomes brittle. At this point it can no longer remain flexible with the constant shrinking and contracting and it cracks. This is the ideal time to have your paintwork prepared (sanded down) and repainted. However exterior surfaces often get left and begin to rot. This is when more advanced repairs are required. Often we can carry our resin repairs and use resin fillers to re-harden rotten timber. If the timber has become too rotten we can carry out carpentry repairs.

We have a Carpenter on board to deal with more complex repairs

To conclude, exterior painting required different disciplines that regular internal painting and decorating. Our painters have a great deal of experience dealing with badly weathered surfaces. As our business founder is an experienced carpenter more invasive repairs can also be taken out where needed.

We own and use our own scaffolding

In addition to the above we also benefit from owning our own high level access equipment. Meaning we are usually able to access all areas of a property without the need to hire expensive scaffolding

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