Activate Your 2 Year Workmanship Warranty

At LDM Painters & Decorators we stand by your work. We trust our work and we trust that it will last. We know ourselves that adopting tried and tested methods and thus getting job done right first time round will result in quality Craftsmanship. We also know that all of our work will stand the test of time.

However all of this talk means nothing to a new customer who has yet to witness our craftsmanship first hand. Everyone can claim to be the next best tradesman, offering services that are second to none at a level of quality that only they can provide. We at LDM believe that statements such as this should be backed by evidence. We do stand by our work and this fact is backed by our 2 year Workmanship Warranty provided with all our Painting and Decorating Work.

By providing our customers with our 2 Year Warranty we are helping them have as much faith in our services as we have ourselves. Its showing that we are passionate about quality and we stand by our work. We are so confident that our level of workmanship is at an advanced level that we are willing to enter in to a legal contract confirming it so.

What our Warranty Covers

Our warranty covers workmanship only, any guarantee relating to the materials used should be covered by the manufacturer. In this Warranty we cover all painted surfaces against flaking, bubbling, blemishes and peeling. Any surfaces with a history of rot, damp, decay or corrosion are not covered under this agreement.

This Warranty covers work on residential properties under domestic use only, all other types of properties are excluded.

Excessive wear to surfaces caused by misuse or use without due care will void this Warranty

If you have recently had painting and decorating work done by us please use the form below to activate your Warranty.

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